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What Happens if a Commercial Tenant Cannot Pay Rent?

Commercial businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic leading federal, state, and local governments to enact a flurry of emergency eviction protecti...

Why Wait? Buyout Now.

Lately, you've probably heard about a lot of things residential building owners can't do in the landlord-tenant arena. However, something they CAN do right now ...

More Landlord-Tenant Legislative Changes On The Horizon

In Sacramento our local Assemblyman, Phil Ting, has proposed a total stop to evictions state-wide during the current COVID-19 emergency. This new law would allo...

The Alameda County Eviction Moratorium

Alameda County has amended its existing temporary eviction moratorium and instituted widespread protections for individuals impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic...

San Francisco Landlords Brace for Cold as Supervisors Pass Rent Freeze

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an emergency ordinance temporarily prohibiting rent increases on rent-controlled units. This is common...

What If There Is No Court to Hear Your Case? Mediate.

Right now in cities like Oakland and San Francisco there are severe obstacles to seeking justice in the courts for landlords and tenants. Social justice and ser...

Landlord Tenant Litigation Still Going On - Here's How We Can Help

The various state and local shelter in place orders generally don't restrict tenants from suing landlords (for wrongful eviction, habitability complaints, etc.)...

We Can Work It Out

The Beatles had a huge hit in 1966, from their Rubber Soul album, "We Can Work It Out". The current state of affairs in landlord-tenant relations calls for just...

Landlord-Tenant Advice in the Time of Covid-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, San Francisco has taken various steps to protect its citizens. As you've probably heard, Mayor Breed announced both a com...

The Perils of Wrongful Eviction

Two recent California Court of Appeal decisions warn landlords of the expensive consequences of wrongful eviction. The appellate court approved a jury verdict o...
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