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More Landlord-Tenant Legislative Changes On The Horizon

In Sacramento our local Assemblyman, Phil Ting, has proposed a total stop to evictions state-wide during the current COVID-19 emergency. This new law would allow the court to determine if the tenant’s plight is related to the virus caused economic conditions. It provides a 25% rent reduction for up to a year (AB 828). 

Oakland Legislative Changes

Locally, Oakland is considering several dozen amendments to its rent and eviction control laws as an emergency response to the ongoing stress. The proposals include rent increase limitations, extra roommate allowances (not withstanding lease prohibitions about subletting), reduction in late fee allowances, elimination of exemptions for newly constructed buildings, and much more. 

Landlord-Tenant Legislative Changes for San Francisco

We are studying these amendments, and those in San Francisco and other local communities, very closely. 

The author’s firm, Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C., specializes in complex landlord-tenant matters. We represent both landlords and tenants. Mr. MacDonald is the author of Landlord-Tenant Solutions in California (Rev. Ed.,2016) and The San Francisco Rent Board User’s Guide (2005)Two of our attorneys, Stephanie Foster and Anna Liu, recently provided an online seminar on Rent Payment Agreements and other important issues for the California Lawyers Association. We are actively helping and advising clients right now. How can we help you?

Steven A. MacDonald, Esq. 

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