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California Tenant Attorneys Help Tenants Deal with Suits for Pandemic Rental Debt

rental debt

In a time when the spread of a potential pandemic has all eyes on California, a phenomenon has risen: a wave of suits for pandemic rental debt.

Many tenants in California are at risk of eviction when their landlords file a suit in small claims court to collect unpaid rent dues. Nobody would want to face eviction amid a pandemic when all we want is just to put our focus on making our communities and families safe. Fortunately, there are several defenses that our California tenant attorneys can provide against pandemic rental debt and give relief to renters.

As tenant attorneys, we go out there and hear people’s stories. If you want to know more about how our real estate law firm helps tenants in California, read the article below:

‘Preparing for a Deluge’: California’s Tenant Attorneys Brace for a Wave of Suits for Pandemic Rental Debt in Small Claims Court

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