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San Francisco Landlords Brace for Cold as Supervisors Pass Rent Freeze

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an emergency ordinance temporarily prohibiting rent increases on rent-controlled units. This is commonly known as a rent freeze. The proposed ordinance is currently awaiting signature by the Mayor. Once signed into law, the emergency ordinance suspends a landlord’s right to impose a rent increase that would otherwise be allowed under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.

What Does a Rent Freeze Mean?

This proposed law would retroactively apply to rent increases imposed since April 7, 2020, and last for 60 days after enactment. The right to rent increases resumes after the rent moratorium is lifted and landlords can impose allowable increases prospectively by serving a notice. This is in addition to all the myriad moratoriums and prohibitions currently in place concerning residential and commercial tenancies in San Francisco and elsewhere. 

San Francisco Rent Freeze Attorneys

If you have questions about a recently imposed rent increase, a future rent increase, or anything else about landlord-tenant law, please contact us. Our offices are open and our attorneys are standing by to help you find the sunny side of the frost. 

Updates on the proposed rent freeze can be found here

– Lan Nguyen Fullerton, Esq.

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