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How To Get my Security Deposit Back in San Francisco, CA?

Get Your Security Deposit Back (For Tenants) State law governs security deposits, not the Rent Ordinance. A landlord may generally collect up to the equivalent ...

How To Add My Roommate To A Lease in San Francisco, CA?

Real Solutions for Real Estate Problems Can leasing agreements be modified? If so, how do I add my roommate to a lease in San Francisco, CA? Our trusted San Fra...

Eviction Threat But No Official Notice

What to Do After an Eviction Threat with No Official Notice Your landlord cannot evict you by giving you an eviction threat without official notice. This m...

California Legislature Embraces New Rent Control Measures

The shortage of affordable housing, especially for low-income families, is one of California’s most pressing issues. As a result, the state legislature co...

California Emergencies: How Anti-Price Gouging Impacts Landlords and Tenants

As drought conditions persist in California, so does the threat of devastating wildfires. When the state or local government declares an emergency, California&r...

What Landlord Conduct is Considered Retaliatory?

Retaliatory Landlord Conduct In an ideal world, everyone just gets along. Alas, in our world, some people become spiteful when things don't go their way. There ...

San Francisco Evictions: New Changes Impact Landlords and Tenants

California's AB 2179 and an amendment to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance means new changes for San Francisco evictions. While the California state rent relief ...

Landlord's Right To Enter Rental Property In California

A typical landlord-tenant conflict is landlords' rights to enter rental property vs. tenant privacy rights. To avoid problems, it is essential to have fair (and...

14 Landlord Disclosures Required For Residential Leases

California law requires specific landlord disclosures within every lease agreement. Some landlord disclosures are necessary only if they are relevant to the pro...

What to do if you're facing rental eviction?

You wake up one morning to find an eviction notice from your landlord waiting for you. You have been evicted and will have to leave the premises in 3 weeks. Thi...

Security Deposits in California

Whether you're a residential landlord or a tenant, it's important to have a basic understanding of how to handle security deposits in California so that you avo...

California Tenant Attorneys Help Tenants Deal with Suits for Pandemic Rental Debt

In a time when the spread of a potential pandemic has all eyes on California, a phenomenon has risen: a wave of suits for pandemic rental debt. Many tenants in ...
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