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Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Dispute in San Francisco, CA

Disputes involving commercial landlords and tenants are among the most contentious. There’s no escaping the fact that real estate in the Bay Area is expensive and supply is limited. Commercial property owners have every incentive to make sure they receive their full rent in a timely manner. At the same time, running a successful business in California is hard work, and commercial tenants want to be sure they receive everything they are entitled to when they pay rent for their space.

Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners understands the stakes involved in any landlord-tenant dispute — and just how heated these disputes can be. When your financial and legal interests are on the line, we take on your case committed to achieving the best possible outcome.

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Real Estate Disputes?

Whether you're dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute or addressing a real estate concern in California, our San Francisco real estate attorneys are here to protect your rights.

A Dedicated Legal Ally For Clients Throughout The Bay Area

Because our California law firm represents both landlords and tenants, our San Francisco landlord-tenant dispute attorneys have a complete understanding of the concerns and demands that both sides bring to a legal dispute. We use this understanding to anticipate how the other side will approach litigation and craft our strategy to always be one step ahead.

Examples of cases that we frequently handle include:

  • Disputes over late rent and nonpayment of rent
  • Property damage
  • Breach of contract

While our attorneys approach every case ready to fully litigate and go to trial — and have years of experience doing so — we know that our clients’ long-term interests are often best served by a less time-consuming resolution. Using mediation, negotiation and other strategies in addition to traditional real estate litigation, we offer the tools our clients need to successfully settle their lease disputes in San Francisco, California and the Bay Area.

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Both sides in lease disputes will attempt to gain the upper hand as early as possible, so we encourage you to speak with a lawyer as soon as a legal dispute arises.

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“The truth is, 99 percent of cases do not go to trial. The two sides eventually come to an agreement and settle. We know this from the thousands of cases we have handled. Therefore, we critically analyze our client’s situation to see if we can help them find an agreement earlier rather than later. The difference will mean enormous savings in time and legal fees.

We will do everything in our power to successfully resolve your landlord-tenant case or real estate dispute in as little time as possible. We have the resources to take on complex real estate cases and the size to keep you from becoming more than just a case file.”

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Whether you're dealing with a landlord-tenant dispute or addressing a real estate concern in California, our San Francisco real estate attorneys are here to protect your rights.

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