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What If There Is No Court to Hear Your Case? Mediate.

Right now in cities like Oakland and San Francisco there are severe obstacles to seeking justice in the courts for landlords and tenants. Social justice and serious health issues have dictated heavy constraints on access to the courts. 

Landlords in San Francisco (but not Oakland) can serve notices to terminate a tenancy. But getting a court or a sheriff to enforce it is another thing. 

San Francisco Landlord-Tenant Mediators

But, for a long time our firm has been using capable mediators to resolve cases without a trial, and sometimes without even filing suit. Risk is managed and the legal fees are limited. Wrongful eviction, constructive eviction, habitability claims, and even unlawful detainers and buy-outs can be handled in a day rather than a year or more. 

So, while there are certain litigation moratoriums in place, the disputes themselves have not disappeared and are probably growing. Consider getting a jump on things and explore early mediation, usually with a talented, problem-solving retired judge. 

We are open and ready to help. Also, we are proud to announce that two of our attorneys, Anna Liu and Stephanie Foster, are lecturing for the Bar Association of San Francisco and California Lawyers Association on the new rules this week. More information can be found by visiting BASF and our writeup on the Eviction Moratorium

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